How to Find Customers in B2B Exports


How to Find Customers in B2B Exports

How to Find Customers in B2B Exports<
  • 11.09.2023

In today's globalized trade environment, B2B exports between businesses and companies play a critical role for businesses and companies that want to grow in the international markets of the country you want to export to. The B2B export method, which offers you the opportunity to reach a much wider potential customer base by exceeding the sales volume limits of your products, services or goods in the Turkish market, requires strategic methods and an effective communication language. These methods offer a way to facilitate businesses or companies in the target country or countries you want to export to reach their target markets and help you gain a competitive advantage in the international market.

What is B2B Export?

Today, the world economy, which continues to globalize, has made B2B trade between companies and brands more and more important. B2B export refers to the process of selling products, goods or services to other companies. It means that a business or company sells the products and services that it produces or supplies within its own organization, not only to the end user, but also to other businesses and companies by pursuing a marketing strategy. B2B exporting is a concept that refers to the processes of exporting products or goods to different countries and countries beyond the borders of companies that continue to operate in international markets.

What are the Advantages of B2B Export?

In today's world, where globalized trade is becoming more and more complex day by day, the B2B export business model between companies makes its name as a strategic directive for companies to grow themselves in international markets, to turn brand awareness and competitive advantage in their favor. This business model is a concept that refers to the process of companies selling their products, goods or services to other companies. The advantages of B2B exports today offer undeniable benefits both for the company that wants to export and for the companies that have a place in the target market pool of the target country you want to export to.
1. High Sales Volume: You can result in bulk purchases of your products, goods or services in a much larger number and transaction volume to companies in the local market of the country you want to export to, not the end user. This is a profitable way to increase your revenues indirectly.

2. Stable Trade: If you want to export abroad and you have chosen to take advantage of the advantages of B2B exports, it allows you to obtain much longer-lasting agreements and a much more stable financial flow with companies in the local market of the country you want to export to.

3. Utilizing Technology: For companies or businesses that adopt the B2B trade method, you can turn the competitive advantage in your favor by offering customized technology solutions according to user experiences for products, goods or services that require expertise and technology knowledge.

4. Long-lasting Customer Relationships: Your customers or potential customers that you have acquired through the B2B trade business model in the country you want to export to are mostly looking for long-term collaborations or business partners. In other words, if you want to be a cog in the supply chain, your customers who come to you with the B2B trade method allow you to create a much healthier and much longer-lasting customer portfolio than your normal trade.

Methods of Finding Customers in B2B Export

1. Conduct Market Research and Set Targets: In the B2B export business model, market research plays a critical role in understanding the target markets and target sectors in the country you intend to export to. Free market analysis is a method you can use to examine competitors, consumer needs and your growth potential in the target market. In the target identification process, you should analyze which of the countries you want to export to, which country may need your products or services that you produce or supply the most, and which country's market can meet your demands. Thus, you can use the resources at your disposal much more effectively.

2. Content Marketing: Content marketing in B2B exporting is a valuable way to show your business or company's expertise and perception of value by providing quality content to your target market in the country you want to export to. You can attract the attention of your potential customers in the country you want to export to by creating quality content such as quality blog posts to publish on your site, analysis of trends in your industry, and training videos. This content will show your potential customers how you can reach a solution to a problem they may encounter and in what ways you can help them, and will help build trust between you and your customers.

3. Collaborations and Solution Partnerships: Establishing cooperation and solution partnerships with other companies that have adopted the B2B trade method in the country you want to export to offers an unmissable opportunity to expand your potential customer base and network. For example, you can create collaborations such as joint promotions, events or service offers that you can organize with the companies you cooperate with. In this way, it is an important step for both parties that have adopted the B2B export model to reach new customers and increase the number of customers,

4. Network and Sectoral Events: You can see the events in the sectors that have adopted the B2B export business model in your target country that you want to export to as an opportunity and you can take the opportunity to communicate face-to-face by participating in these events and take advantage of this opportunity. Events that facilitate networking allow you to communicate and connect with professionals in your target sector, potential customers and other companies that trade in your sector.

5. Benefit from Institutions and Organizations Supporting Export: Export-supporting institutions and organizations in the country where you live provide a wide range of resources and assistance to companies that want to export. These institutions and organizations can provide a wide range of services, from providing information about the target markets in the target country you want to export to organizing trainings and B2B export consultancy services. You can make your export process more successful by cooperating and partnering with institutions and organizations that support exporting.

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