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Our team, which has been active in digital marketing, data analytics and market research for many years, called their export-oriented customers one by one and asked them about the problems they were experiencing on their way to export. Most of the problems were related to finding customers. Those who use export databases stated that they were struggling with too much data, that they wanted to take quick action and move directly to sales and marketing stages instead of dealing with data, and TOPDOV was born.

With our team, we created our contact pool system with data analytics using artificial intelligence technologies to find a solution to the problem. We spend serious effort to reach the right contacts in the right sector at the right time. We add hundreds of new contacts to our contact pool every day.

We keep our systems constantly updated and effective by using advanced technologies for you together with our international solution partners. We take you directly to the result so that you can take quick action without drowning you in data.

Although we are in the internet age and can easily access the information and data we want, the data that has grown over the years is now defined as big data. Accessing the right information from this big data requires data analytics expertise and technological expertise and infrastructure to process this data.

While developing our systems, we are able to offer you the correct coordinates in the desired sector from anywhere in the world with our infrastructure equipped with artificial intelligence technologies in order to be a solution for project developers who have problems in accessing the correct coordinate information required to create sectoral density maps or market researchers who will make commercial presentations.

We deal with data for you. You just subscribe to Topdov and focus on sales.

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Export or exporter information is obtained from Exporters' Associations and Attaché Offices in many regions of the world, in addition to those obtained through various public institutions and organizations.

The accuracy rate of the information is 99.99% as it is information obtained from official institutions and organizations.

With our Google solution partnership, we are constantly mapping information both with https://marketfinder.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/tr_tr/article/legal-issues-export data and with the artificial intelligence algorithms we use. We do not keep any information that does not have any data in Google in our pool.

In today's digitalized world, a company that does not have a footprint on the internet and Google is outdated for us.

You will have information about the companies operating in the sector you want from anywhere in the world. With this information, you will be able to contact directly with the company you want without wasting any time.

Your contact methods are entirely up to your preferred sales and marketing strategies.

Since our main target audience is medium and small-sized enterprises. We are very results-oriented. We are clear. We ensure that you get fast results with the right contacts.

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